Friday, November 30, 2007

Obamas Comments

As we move closer to making a very important decision on the fate of the Country and more importantly the fate of Our families, we have yet another stupid comment to listen to. Barack Obama, the Demecratic hopeful decides to let us know what he feels about Justice and the reason he is running:

Obama said he's running for president because, 'I'm tired of reading about Jena, I'm tired of reading about nooses, tired of reading about Justice Department that doesn't understand justice.' "

I am glad that he has a conviction on something but what about the family, the unborn child, the elderly all the topics that are important to the family. This family that I speak about knows no race and it demands Justice. I would like him to tell me that He will look out for the Family because without, there would be no need for Justice. Mr Obama I already know your answer you will not take a stance on Abortion, You will not take a stance on same sex union, and you will not take a stance on Euthanasia. Why? Because you think it isn't your place. Tonight and every night I would like you to get in bed and pray to your Mother for having you, your wife for loving you, and your children for not killing you when you get old.

This Mr. Obama, This is Justice everything else is just that "everything else"